A few images I like

Chile’s Puyohue volcano has been closing Australian airports on and off for a few weeks. These shots of the near-permanent lightning storm caused by the eruption are incredible, real Biblical stuff:

angry gods

Skateboarding was invented in the 1970’s by surfers in Southern California so they could practice while on land. This image evokes two things for me, those carefree long-haired suntanned idealistic days, and the balletic grace of the surfer’s art. Really old school, have a look at that skateboard:

carve that turn

This image could hang in the Centre Pompidou, it has that Post-Modern look to it, nice colour scheme. It’s a graph of buy and sell orders being executed by a computer trading robot. It’s pinging the market for Natural Gas, buying then selling every few milliseconds. By some estimates these kinds of trades comprise 70% of the current volume on the NYSE, warring robots picking each others pockets. Good luck trading against them:

all of your base are belong to us

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